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12/20/2012 5:56:06 PM -
Training from Wednesday and Thursday


Here is the deal...

I have degenerative disc disease (aka Osteoarthritis) and two joints are beyond scope repair and at some point in time will need to be replaced. There is also degeneration is every joint we have looked at and the general consensus is that it is pretty much everywhere.

I also have an extensive list of muscle tears, surgeries and more soft tissue injuries than I care to list. I have always said when it comes to injuries you are hurt, injured and F**ked up. I am more F**ked up than hurt or injured so I have to learn to live with it.

The joint issues in the hip and L5-S1 are new so I'm in therapy to see if there is a way to prolong or avoid surgery

This is a new chapter instead of the next phase because while many things will stay the same - there will have to be many modifications and additions to what I have done in the past. I have a great team of doctors and therapists working with me so I'm confident moving forward.

The journey begins

For the first time I do think we are making some progress. It isn't much but my hip is not in pain 100% of the time and I am only walking with a limp 95% of the time. While this doesn't seem much after being in annoying pain with a major limp since October I will take 5% any day. If I can get 5% relieve that means there is hope so the next step is getting the next 5%.

My therapy has been:

-- MAT Therapy - Twice A Week (MAT and some basic PT)

-- Chiropractic Therapy - Twice A Week (traction, Art and Adjustments)

-- Basic PT Movements - 2 times per day

-- Heat - 20 minutes in the Hot Tub in the AM and one hour on pad at night.

-- The only changes have been progressions to some of the PT movements (that I really suck at)

My normal training is basically the same but adjusted as needed. I will "test" somethings but pretty much play it safe and know what movements I can and can't do.


ONE ARM BARBELL ROW with Plates and Chains
* 4 warm up sets
* 4 work sets of 10 with 3 plates and 2 chains

* 2 warm up sets 15
* 4 work sets of 8 (2 reps shy of failure)

* 4 warm up sets with 135
* 3 work sets with 250. These sets were set up to do 6 reps of pulls, 3 shrugs and then 5 more reps of pulls.
-- The weight didn't feel bad but I did feel my left hip being worked a lot more than the other. I knew this might not be a good idea but wanted to test it. I stayed with a light weight so I wouldn't do any serious damage if it was a "bad idea". I have learned MANY times in the past when you are hurt and push through it the imbalance can very likely cause a pull or tear in a different muscle. I knew after my third work set that this was a "Bad Idea". This was reinforced the rest of the night and the following day.

This movement is now placed on the IR list (injured reserve)

PRONE SHRUGS with Plates and Chains
* 2 warm up sets of 10
* 4 work sets of 10

4 sets of 15

Therapy Work before and after session. This includes:
Band Walks
Standing on one leg
Glute Bridges - various
Band Chops
Hip Ad and Abduction
Band Distraction


I should note I have also been extremely busy. Work is crazy -- I am working on finishing out the year, planning for next, having meetings I would otherwise not have but need to. My kids are driving me nuts because they are excited for Christmas, flunking tests at school, grabbing balls at school, fighting with each other ALL the time, will NOT stop asking for stuff to be added to their "list", and leaving lego's all over the floor. BUT - this is all part of the Holiday Season so I'm dealing with it all in stride.

Today was supposed to be arm and shoulders day but by the time I got to the gym I was able to fit in Biceps before I had to leave to pick my son up from bowling. I will do shoulders and triceps tomorrow morning.

There is no need to list my biceps training. I curled things for about 40 minutes. Got a pump, drank a coke and left.

Dave Tate

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