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12/21/2012 8:08:12 AM -
Update and thanks

Alright, I trained one day this week. Actually, I trained two days this week.

Bench 325/375/425 x 5
Close grip bench, index on smooth 185 5x10
Front dbl raises 20/30/40/50x10

Trap bar dl 275/315/365x5
Tbar rows 135 5x10
Seated curls 60 3x10

My training is up in the air. I have been a bit off on my diet. Conditioning is non extistent. Going to be working with Josh Bryant and he told me to take a little time off. So I'm just training what I want when I want.

I will be doing a charity bench press event being put on by my friend Jason Knobler at his gym Iron Horse in New Hartford, CT on 12/30. It's to raise money for the victims of the Newtown tragedy. I like participating in charity events. I often donate money for various charities, but giving time is also important to me.

Speaking of which, I recently donated my winnings from the Last Man Standing bench contest to the Special Olympics. I said I was going to do that, so I just wanted to confirm that I did. I am not looking for a pat on the back. Just want to show I am a man of my word. I help at the Sp Oly pl event and wanted to make the donation in person.

I also want to thank Tim Hensley who donated from his winnings at the Last Man Standing. Murph from TPS who wanted to remain nameless (too bad Murph, I like giving credit where credit is do). Matt Rys also sent some $ via paypal to add to the donation. Thanks to all, I appreciate it greatly.

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