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12/21/2012 2:04:58 PM - Harry
Friday and a thought

Romanian Dead Lifts: Work up to a 10 rep max. My grip and forearm went first.

Leg Curls using the Roller Reverse Hyper: 5x10x40

Super Set with Reverse Hypers with a pause in contraction: 3x10x40

Banded Leg Curl: 100 reps in ONE set

Swinging Reverse Hypers: 3x12x270

Tsunami Shrugs: 4x10

Sledge Hammer Tire Pound'n full over head with a McCovy Cove follow through. 3x20 each side. Gots to switch hit.

SLR: 3x12

More than once this week I had this conversation. It makes me wonder what the heck people think...

Why would you pay me, when you are going to do your own program? When a person does "their own thing" on here, when it comes to pull ups or anything that I'm advising, then all I do is STOP writing said program. Ya'll going to do whatever the ef your going to do...then there is no reason for me to take my time to write this stuff up. However, when you are PAYING me, then go ahead and do what ever the ef you want to do, disregarding my advice, well...that's just plain STUPID.

2013 might cost me a LOT of money. But I'll know down to my Core Values that I am not going to be one of the new "Fitness Whores" who is capitalizing on the populations ignorance, obsessions and compulsions.

I will be firing athletes, clients, and whatever else you call them. But I will go to sleep at night knowing I didn't rip anyone off.

The recipe for CHEESE Cake requires specific ingredients in a specific amount. When you alter either one, it is no longer Cheese Cake.

Similarly, I have gotten more than ONE person to their desired goals. But if you get hurt, or not achieve, then you have no right to blame MY program. It wasn't MY program you did. It was YOUR program!!! Since mine has a PROVEN track record, I'll stick with it. You are NOT a special snowflake. You're unique of course, just like everyone else.

2013 Watch your ass! It will be "Approved"or go "MIA"

Don't get me started on the PRICE of doing business either. That shit is over too,
Harry Selkow

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