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12/22/2012 1:08:29 PM - Marshall "Freakshow" Johnson
Thrashing legs at IronWorks Gym in Grand Forks ND

November 27th I started a training cycle that will take me from injury to redemption. The next 13 weeks will be a battle to rehab my back, build a HUGE squat, and absolutely KILL IT in the Animal Cage at the Arnold Classic. I will keep a detailed log of what I do and why to help anyone else dealing with disc or rib issues. RELENTLESS!

We are in Grand Forks for xmas with my side of the family this weekend. We needed to get a training sesh in which gave me the perfect opportunity to check out IronWorks. Very cool hardcore bodybuilding gym. Pictures of bodybuilders and pro wrestlers everywhere. Such a cool atmosphere. Had everything but a monolift. If your in Grand Forks, and serious about training, then IronWroks is the place to be. For what ever reason the lactic acid built up in my legs extremely quickly today. Might have been to much caffeine from driving the night before, but my muscles were exhausting fast. I dropped the weights and focused on the squeeze more and got a good workout in.

Leg Press
-worked up to 8 plates per side
-4 sets of 10
-4th set drop setted to half the weight and burned out

Leg Ext.
-I put a purple band against the pad
-worked up to heaviest weight
-did 4 sets of 10
-drop set, 3 drops
-The band against the pad gave awsome tension throughout the whole lift

Standing Leg Curl
-4 sets of 10

Seated Calf Rasie/Crunches
-5 sets of 30 for each back to back

Ended the day with Walking Lunges
-just the bar
-10 steps each leg
-4 trips

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in my ears:

At the end of pain is success,
Marshall Johnson

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