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12/22/2012 5:33:59 PM - JennyP
16 weeks out: T-R-A-C-K Starr???

Early Am
200 leg curls
100 tri extensions
abs=yoga and some random side arm balances lol

So today was an off day, meaning my booty was going to head down to the track for some stair runs (who in there right mind would run up stairs when there are things like elevators in this day and age??) and yoggin (slow person joggin)...And since I despise both of those two things, I dragged along my friend Keenan (who is a pro MMA fighter) just to make sure I could feel worse about my current running abilities

warm up-yogg a mile
stair sprints 2setsx20fligts
cool down-yog a mile

so right before we stated he goes, "How many you wanna do", and I go, "100"....yeah i got to 5 and was like, "wow I'm screwed"...thankfully he felt the same way and we caped it after those first sets

oh and if I already wasn't feeling bad enough about my current slow state (in high school i won a ton of races), i just KNEW the track coaches were looking at me thinking, "darn, what a waste of a big pair of hammys on a slow girl" (insert palm to face)

oh and this running mess will end as soon as the 12 week out point approaches...

Just a Lil Bit with a Lotta Kick,
Jennifer Petrosino

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