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12/23/2012 12:25:15 PM - JennyP
15 weeks out-Dynamic Eccentric Lower (videos)

So, this is the last week of my eccentric block, and i'm so happy cuz i swear my hamstrings were about to fall off

Despite cardio yesterday, im actually feeling pretty good, and the weights feel light, which is even better

Early Am
200 leg curls
100 push downs

Warm Up
1. 3x10 ultra wide squats (touch kb to floor)
2. 3x15 KB swings
3. 3x20 Abd

1a. DE 5sec eccentric, 2sec pause squats 8x3x50%(117)

1b. Seated box jumps 8x2x10lbs
So coming out of this block, im supposed to be building a bigger work capacity and increased max strength isn't the main goal, however, since I feel like ive gained a lot of explosiveness, I think it may have transferred over to my max strength capacity as well

2a. Conventional deficits against mini band 5x3x75% (170)

2b. 5x8 KB swings against mini band
I think all the back work is paying off, week one these pulls were terrible and SLOW, now much better

3a. Barbell jump squats 6x3x40% (should have been 95 but I did em at 103)
3b. 6x1 ATG close stance front squats
Freakin brutal together, its so much jumping its damn near cardio

4. 5x5x45 degree back extensions with barbell on back (55lbs)
Really trying to round down, pause, and arch up

5a.6x4x5sec eccentric GHR against mini band

5b. 6x20 each leg BW lunges (these made my legs so pumped this lady stopped me and goes, my god your legs are red, ugh yeah its freakin 40 lunges lady)

6a. 3x20 abd with pause
6b. 5x20 abs

SO im pretty happy this eccentric madness is coming to an end, and I've got a phone call with Coach Dietz this week to discuss the next blocks, which is really exciting, so I hope a don't jumble around my words, or talk to fast, or do anything else that's terribly embarrassing....

10-70meter hill sprints up a LARGE hill
absolute death, but hey at least my non-powerlifting other-sport-athlete friends cant talk smack and say us powerlifters are not athletic :D

And happy bday to momma petro, she turns some age today that she is NOWHERE near looking...probably explains why I look 12...

Just a Lil Bit with a Lotta Kick,
Jennifer Petrosino

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