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12/24/2012 7:46:52 AM - Zane Geeting
Sunday night bench training. Back in a shirt with another post injury PR

This week I got back into the loose single ply shirt and did some high board work. I don't know that wearing this particular shirt really did anything in this ROM, but if nothing else I feel like its safer. When I say loose, I'm talking about a shirt that I can do push ups in, lol.

Anyways, here's how training went:

Warm up

Fat man rows and push ups

Side laterals

DB cleans


Hams, hips, pecs, delts, lats, biceps

140x15x2 sets

add loose single ply shirt
275x3, 3 board
315x3, 3 board
345x3, 3 board (PR)
365x3, 3 board (PR)

Everything was light and easy. I just didn't want to get too greedy. The constant gradual progress is the main goal at this point. If the shirt actually gave me any support in this ROM I would have pushed it a little more. I'll save that for the double ply that I'll be using in a couple weeks.

Rolling extensions
30's x15
40's x15
50's x15

Band push downs
EFS Pro Strong Resistance Band x50 total reps (rest pause)

Band flys
EFS Pro Light Resistance Band x15x3 sets

That was the end of it. Nothing special, just getting used to pressing a little bit of weight and hitting the pressing muscles.

Next week will be some light floor pressing, and the following week I'll work down the boards with a tighter (still super loose) double ply shirt. Stay tuned.

Zane Geeting

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