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12/24/2012 3:54:48 PM - JennyP
15 weeks out: DE 5sec ecc bench (video+pic)

Okay so before I get into training, I wanna talk about something that REALLY annoyed me this morning, this guy at the gym goes, "you know lil lady, if you wanna be a REAL athlete, you gotta do EVERYTHING."....Let me stop him there, the only time you have to do EVERYTHING is if you want to be great at NOTHING...Real Athletes are good at their sport, not everything, grrr....

Warm Up
1.100 push downs
2. 3x10 lat pull downs
3. 100 pull aparts

1a.9x3x50%(63lb)5sec eccentric DE bench against micros (feet on bench using thick squat bar), then 5x5x103x2bx (close grip, feet down, these were not how I wanted them to be)

1b. 8x3xmb toss
2a. 8x5x80lbs neutral grip lat pull down with 5 sec ecc and 2sec iso
2b. DB shoulder press 5x5x30lbs with 3 sec eccentric, 1sec isometric
3a.Push ups (close grip chest hovering off floor) with pause at bottom 5xfailure
3b.seated rows 5x5x80lbsx5sec eccentric, 2sec pause
4a.SA tricep french press 3xfailure
4b.curls 3x5each arm
5. Rear delt on pec deck 3x20 each arm

10x30sec on:30 off all out bike sprints

a random arrangement of leg lifts crunches etc, non stop 20 min

So after my training, I headed over to starbucks to facetime my bestie Paul Oneid, which if you haven't facetimed someone about "interesting" topics in a public place, I HIGHLY suggest you do...I swear everyone and there mom (well more like dad) was giving me their comments and input....GOSH...can't a girl have some uninterrupted facetime so she can complain to Mr. Oneid about her life crisis??? Nope, guess not, and then the best thing is, one guy goes, "instagram that sh*t," and so I did, and posted my facetime pic on here hahahaha

200 leg curls
100 pull aparts
100 extensions

Anyways merry Christmas!! All I want is a huge PR next meet...

Just a Lil Bit with a Lotta Kick,
Jennifer Petrosino

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