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12/28/2012 3:16:47 PM -
A response to Harry Selkow

I stole this idea from Harry Selkow, but when you think about it, that’s a pretty damned good choice.

A list of things that motivated me in 2012:

THE UNITED STATES MILITARY: No explanation needed here.

DISHONEST PEOPLE: I dealt with my share of these over the past year, and after I eventually had enough, I was motivated to make a lot of changes in order to get the hell away from them and on to something a lot better. I decided that I was tired of two-faced bullshitters and only want to deal with people who can actually look me in the eye and tell the truth from now on.

THE NEW YORK GIANTS: Because it’s never over until they tell you it’s officially over.

THE DIAZ BROTHERS: Because, win or lose, sometimes it’s better to just keep moving forward and make it a good fight.

GEORGE ST. PIERRE: For his lines starting at 17:30 of this video:

NICK SABAN: Because if there’s one coach in any sport that has his niche figured out in full, he’s the guy:

JAMES “THE THINKER” SMITH: Because an unbelievable chain of events leading to unbelievably good shit can result from just one email at any moment of the day or night.

JASON PEGG: Because the guy basically has one arm, but can still disable your ass inside of 30 seconds.

MY FAMILY: For beating cancer. Twice.

MEDIOCRE PEOPLE: Because they’re everywhere, and if we lay down and don’t compete, they’ll proliferate and win. So stand the f**k up and work if you know how to do something well.

FOOTBALL: Because this was a “back to basics” year, and that’s about as basic as it gets for me. Find your fundamentals.

SANDY: For f*****g up my life pretty good for a while.

PEOPLE IN GENERAL: For restoring my faith in humanity since then.

WINNING THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP: Because that’s why we’re into this shit in the first place.

GOING TO BIG STADIUMS TO WATCH MY KIDS PLAY: Because, again, that’s what some of us are doing here in the first place.

TRAINING AND NUTRITION: Because I can control them.

DAVE TATE: Because he’s a hell of a guy. And a good man, to boot.

BRIAN CARROLL: Because I like saying and doing shit that motivates him to randomly text me congratulations at 11 o’clock at night.

HARRY SELKOW: Same shit.

AMY WATTLES: For being awesome.

ANDY DECK: Because when he “likes” something I said on Facebook, I know I actually scored.

KM: For having the best glutes I've ever seen.

I’m sure I missed some stuff, but these are a few things that worked for me in 2012.

Angry Coach

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