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1/4/2013 7:21:05 PM - Clint Darden
Back Logged? No Vids? Training? Whats Up?

All right, so why haven't I been posting near as much TRAINING lately on The You Tubes or here at EFS?

I've trained...but it's been strange.

Went into anaphalactic shock and between that and the meds I was on...I nearly went crazy. Lost a bunch of weight.

Broke my left thumb about 2 weeks ago. Dropped the axle between reps and followed it down...and as it bounced back up it hit me "just right" in the thumb...broken!

Continued getting sick, throat continued to close up, stayed sore, lost all appetite for about 2 weeks, etc... Not sure how much weight I've dropped but I'd guess well over 20 lbs.

Set a couple of OHP PR's...

Attempted a 160/352 Axle Clean and Press. Got it to my chest even with a broken thumb. Pretty sure I could have hitched a ride but had nothing left for the press.

Mentioned to my God Son's father that I needed to get to the hospital for some fluids because I'd stopped urinating. Being a cardiac nurse he flipped out and started calling my training partners (one is a nurse in a renal/kidney unit and the other is an Intensive Care Unit Nurse). Couple days later my wife flips out and next thing you know I'm in the hospital.

So it is 03:25 and I'm sitting here waiting for my last IV meds bag to go through me so I can sleep. Couple more tomorrow and I'm going to take out the IV line I I can sleep decently and possibly at least go and "train" Sunday.

We ruled out most of the big stuff. Kidneys, heart, liver...just going to give it some time and meds and go back for more tests.

I've learned a few things:

1) It is a blessing to have good friends looking out for you. All three of my friends have went above and beyond to take care of me and worry about me properly.

2) Changing your IV with a broken thumb will leave your kitchen looking like a scene from Dexter.

3) One of these IV meds that they've given me is the Holy Grail of meds!

4) I can front squat with an IV in my arm! Did it twice today.

5) It isn't bad luck or something to think negatively about...I'm making it through and that is exactly what we all hope for...just to get through the other side with a grin on our face and some grit in our knuckles.

I hope to catch up soon!


Tape and Bandage,
Clint Darden

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