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1/8/2013 3:25:29 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Tuesday Squats

Did you ever have one of those days where you know you have a pretty tough squat session ahead of you and when you are warming up you realize that your lower back has about as much stability as pie crust? No? Well keep lifting heavy my little Pulcimaniacs, it’ll happen to you eventually. If you’re lucky enough to make it that long.

We did some mobility work, stretched a little, I rumble rolled some painful areas around my knees. We then did some really light and quick power snatches from the floor to get the blood pumping.

Power snatches:
40kgs x 3 x 3
50kgs x 3 x 3

Raw high bar squats:
Warmed up to 465 for ten singles. This is 90% of my one rep max from two weeks ago. It just did not go as smooth as I wanted. Here is what was going through my head after each single.

1st single: Fuuuuck, that was horrible, how am I ever going to do nine more of those????

2nd single: Jesus, that felt even worse than the first one. How many more? Eight? Fuck me!

3rd single: Something LOUD popped in my knee while I was in the hole, everyone heard it, scared the shit out of me. It turned out to only be some scar tissue snapping from my torn quad surgery. Whew!

4th single: Man, why am I getting so out of position on every rep today. Where is all the ‘pop’ I had in my squats the last two weeks?

5th single: Halfway there, maybe I can make it seven, I can’t let the guys down though, I have to keep fighting through the pain.

6th single: Over the hump, that rep didn’t actually feel too bad!

7th single: another comfortable rep, but I’m starting to bent over, I have to keep my chest up on my next ones.

8th single: my left knee (my good one) feels like it’s falling apart more and more on every rep. But I’ll fight through two more reps.

9th single: Jeez, I actually stoop up with it nice and stumbled at the top and stepped back with it and almost dumped it. Fatigue is setting in I guess.

10th rep: all I can say about that crappy rep is it feels go to be done!

What a brutal squat session. I hate those days when you have to fight your body at every turn. But I feel it’s important to stick with it on those days rather than pack it in because these are the days you build that mental toughness and temper your body and mind. Hell, anybody can squat when everything feels great.

After the squats I did some light leg extensions. 5 sets of 15

Standing abs: 5 sets of 10

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