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1/10/2013 12:27:18 PM - Steve Pulcinella

I received an email blast last night from some “strength coach” trying to sell me some other guru’s set of super awesome DVD’s that will open up a whole new world of TRX bands and kettlebells to me to push my strength levels into the stratosphere. I had never heard of either guy and when I hear the word kettlebell my eyes glaze over. These guys always seem to be in cahoots with one another and are vouching for each other’s genius. They all go around on the internet all day on facebook, Twitter and anywhere else they can post giving each other verbal hand-jobs trying to sell us all their products.

So I replied to the email blast and half being an asshole and half seriously asked, “Yo how much does this guy lift?” I really didn’t expect a response but a few minutes later I get a snippy email back saying, “If you want to be left off our mailing list just unsubscribe”. Whooooaa chief, pump the breaks, I was just wondering who this guy is and how did he get so strong using TRX bands, that’s all. Jeez, the gurus are so touchy.

But anyway . . .

We had another good shoulder session today. I love training shoulders, mainly because I have an intense thirst for monster delts and so does my brotégé Don.

Axle bar military press:
Warmed up to 210 x ten singles
145 x 8

Upright rows:
95 x 15
115 x 13
135 x 11
155 x 9
175 x 7
195 x 5
215 x 3
135 x 18

Side raise suppersetted with front plate raise
55lbs and 45lbs x 10/10

Rear delt raise:
65 x 4 sets of 12

Front neck raise: 4 x 15

Rear neck raises: 4 x 10

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