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1/24/2013 3:31:37 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Now what!!!

What started out as a routine trip to my eye doctor to get a check up so I could purchase some new contacts has really turned my whole day upside down. The exam all started off normally, she said my far away vision hasn’t changed much but my close up vision has really gotten worse, which I knew. She then notices something really sketchy as asked when the last time I had any blood work done was. I asked her why and she said she sees some hemorrhaging going in the back of my eye. I asked her what that meant and she said it is a symptom of diabetes. She wanted to do some further studies and gave me the pupil dilation drops. She then took some photos of the back of my eye and showed me the damage that was going on with my eye and it was pretty bad looking. She then sent me home scared shitless and told me to get RIGHT to a doctor for bloodwork. Meanwhile it couldn’t be any brighter out and it was like driving towards a supernova all the way back to work with my pupils bulging out of my head.

So far all afternoon I have been on the phone with various doctors and labs getting the run around. The labs won’t do blood work without a script from the eye Dr, for some reason she can’t write a script, I tried to go to my primary dr but everyone in the state has the flu so he’s way over-booked, I tried several new doctors including specialists but they are booked into March. So I gave up and trained. That didn’t go much better. I guess I’ll worry about it when I can actually see the hemorrhaging running down my face.

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