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2/4/2013 4:32:14 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday Feb 4th training

This is a weird week for me, I have doctor appointments of various kinds almost every day. Today I went to my Primary Dr to get blood taken so I can prove to my eye Dr that I'm not in the late stages of Diabetes. He checked my blood pressure (with the wrong size cuff) and tells me that my BP is 180/120. It's funny how in this day and age where every fat fuck walking down the pike has 27" flabby arms that more doctors don't have a big cuff. I mean my arms are big but they ain't that fucking big. The cuff he used was barely touching on the other side, I really doubt the credibility of the reading. I ain't got no time for that anyway. I just want to get the blood test, so I can show this eye doc that I'm not diabetic so I can have my god damn contacts so I don't end up wearing glasses! AAAARGH! Why is everything so difficult when it comes to these doctors? No wonder why senior citizens are so confused all the time.

I also trained today and made a shambles out of my knee. All I did was:

Light power clean and jerks: Let me just throw this out there that my jerks are a fucking thing of beauty. Everyone that sees me do split jerks for the first time can't believe how fast I am. The only problem is that the lift is so balistic and your feet hit the ground so fast it's completely destroying my knees and my bad foot.

Snatch grip high-pulls from the floor: worked up through six sets to 242lbs for 3 sets of 3.

Weighted hypers: 60lbs x 4 sets of 15

My knees were totally wrecked after this. I need a young girl to rub them if anyone out there wants to volunteer! I will now sit by the phone and wait for Petrosino to call . . . . hello? hello?

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