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2/11/2013 6:23:05 PM - Clint Darden
Harry Selkow Hacked?

While The Raider Nation sits in a moment of Spring Time Bliss...also a time of year which we also like to call "work release"...a lot of rumors have been flying around about why I have not been keeping my Training Journal up to date...or anything even remotely close.

Every month I come to my training log and check out how few posts that I have and then I check out the Team Leaders. I'll have 13 posts and Harry Selkow will have 342 and I tell myself..."Next month! Next month I'm going to be on the ball. I'll come back and hit it hard and kick Harry right in The Jimmy and I'll own the top spot here at EliteFTS.". Next month...

Next thing you know...I'm not invited to the most recent Under Ground Strength Session (the cool kids use abbreviations). Rumors of another Learn To Train Seminar and I don't hear a peep about it. Well...RUMOR IS that Clint Darden will be States Side for quite a while This Summer so some people had just better watch out! Raider Nation, Bicep coincidence!

So it is nearly 0230 on February 12 and will I pass Harry Selkow this month? Nope...not THIS month. Mostly because I can't type a full length response to a question only using two letters and some kind of punctuation and call it a reply. Heck, I'm so long winded when I type I call it cardio!

But being a long time fan of The Silver and Black I've come to adopt their creed! No, no...not that little "phrase" that they coined back in the '70's of "Win Baby Win" but that one that we adopted from the late 80's and just kept on because it fit so well...

"If you can't win...EARN the most penalties!"


Or maybe I bought a new work computer and remembered that I'd promised Steve Colescott that I wouldn't ask him AGAIN for the log in password AGAIN...and I just now found it!

Super Bowl 2014!!!,
Clint Darden

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