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2/12/2013 1:14:51 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Last couple days training and other suckiness.

My forearm/elbow issue seems to be calming down a bit. I was able to pull a little the last couple of days.

Sundays training:

Power snatch from floor: a LOT of light sets up to 80kgs

Shrugs: 315 x 4 x12

Dumbbell side raises: 4x12

Monday training:

Power cleans from high block (bar just above the knee) a LOT of light warm ups and 8 singles with 100kgs

Front squat up to 150kg x 1 (sad fact, most I ever front squatted with no belt)

My training is really lacking any feeling mainly because I know in a month I'll be getting foot surgery and be relegated to doing things like light curls and bench presses again for 6 weeks. So I'm pretty bummed about that. I like to train on my feet, anything less just doesn't interest me and I end up blowing it off more than I do it. The really shitty part is that it's my right foot and depending how I end up I might not be able to drive either. So not only will I be a limp dick in the gym, I'll be one on the road too.

The worst part about the position I'm in is that unlike some of the other lifters here on EFS that would easily come back from something like this bigger and stronger and go on to many incredible achievements in years to come I will be scratching and clawing to get back to hopefully someday being a broken down has-been strongman who sits in a gym all day writing this crap again.

Oh, and tomorrow morning at 8:00AM I will be getting a CAT scan because my doctor is pretty sure I have prostate cancer. If that actually comes back true I will be taking a header off of the Walt Whitman bridge. Don't worry, I'll make sure somebody videos it and puts it on YouTube for you all.

Now aren't you sorry you didn't click on Darden's training log instead of this?

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