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2/19/2013 1:29:22 PM - Steve Pulcinella
New gym member

Its little things like this story that makes owning this gym all worth it to me.

A very kindly and harmless looking old man join the gym last week. He is in his eighties, lives nearby and just wants to use a stationary bike to rehab his knee after having it replaced. In typical old man fashion he comes in every day to peddle the bike in his little brown slacks, Velcro sneakers, button down shirt and cheap looking plastic jacket without ever saying a word. This morning I was standing at the front counter with my morning girl Katie who laughs at everything I say and do. The old man walks up to us and asks her, “I see you like to laugh”. Before she could even answer I stepped up and said, “Dude, she laughs all day long, that’s why I hired her, I keep her around to make me feel funny”. He then says, “Do you like to have jokes told to you?” Those were his exact words, which I thought sounded really weird and kind of creepy. Again before she answered I spouted out, “You’re damn right she does, the dirtier the better!”

I was kinda half kidding but then the old man goes into his first of two jokes which not only was dirty but was also pedophilic in nature. (I thought I just invented that word but it actually checks out in Microsoft Word, hmm go figure) We both just sat there stone faced not knowing what to say meanwhile in both our minds were knew this shit was awesome but didn’t want to bust out into too much laughter because he would realize that were laughing AT him and not with him. He then scans his brain, probably all the way back to Word War 1 and comes up with another joke, this one even creepier also painted with scenarios of children and sex. He then walked out like a comedian on a high note and we just looked at each other with a look of horror on our faces and laughed our asses off. This guy is now my new favorite member because I know that every day he is going to come in and tell Katie another old man joke and make her feel uncomfortable. I love that!

But on another note, Iron Sport will be hosting and I will be coaching another one of our monthly clinics next month that we just opened up registration for this morning. We have been putting on these “Strength Basics” seminars for a few months now and they are a lot of fun. By popular demand we are going over the Squat and Deadlift again in this one on March 10th. If you are in the Philly area and are interested in attending shoot me an email:

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