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2/21/2013 11:43:21 AM - Steve Pulcinella
Thursday Training and trying a new event

Still working positions and flexibility, nothing was done very heavy.

Power snatch from floor: I was having a bad day as far as transitioning my first pull into a second pull that didn't suck. So I dropped the weight down and did some stop dead, high hang snatches working on correcting the problem.

Push press: did light 5x5

Front squats: worked up to 105kgs x 5x5

Yesterday I was telling my assistant Katie about this show I saw that featured something they call the "Alaskan Olympics". The native Alaskans compete at all these crazy events that make the CroosFit Games seem well thought out and reasonable. Each event is either used to test strength or in most cases pain tolorances. Go to YouTube and search it sometime, the events are wacky. So while me and Katie were watching videos of some of the events she decided that we should try some after we train today.

After several lame attempts at some of the other events we decided to do the "Four man carry". In a nutshell you are going to see how far you can carry four men. So we decided Don would be the pack mule and carry 700lbs of people. After a few attempts at trying to figure out how those crafty Eskimos got everyone mounted we finally captured success on video. This is also a multi-racial, bi-gender world record I think. It would have been raw too if Don hadn't had his power belt on. Don also made sure that I promised to write this down before you watch the video. "No Homo"

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