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2/28/2013 12:45:06 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Another fool heard from

My training today. Good session, knees felt pretty good.

Power snatch: worked up to 95kgs for a single

Push-press: worked up to 95kg x 3 x 3, 80kg 1x8

Back squat: worked up to a single with 195kgs high-bar, no belt, no wraps. I was pretty happy with that.

SO today I get an email from this turd I don't know out of the blue. It was a spam type email for this guy named Anthony "Dream" Johnson touting his latest blog post entitled: "10 reasons NOT to barbell squat". I assumed it was going to be one of those tongue in cheek articles about how awesome squats actually are in some kind of ironic twist . . . but it wasn't. This kid was actually serious! And the things he wrote about those of us that actually man up and get uner the bar was less than complementary to say the least.

Just reading the bio on his web page I could hear the smugness hang heavy in the air. As far as I can see his only major claim to fame is that he lives in Florida which he for some reason sees as a paradise of some sort. The rest of us see it as the penis of the united states. I guess it's pretty easy to make it big blogging as a pussy, for pussies, and about pussy things. Like not wanting to squat. But the fact that there are many more pussies that read his blog and put coin in his pocket than do what WE DO and live EliteFTS lifestyle is what makes us that much more awesome!!!

I'm guessing after he typed this article on his veranda next to his pool he sat back with a big shit eating grin on his face thinking how he just burned all us stupid meatheads. I hope he goes on to live a mediocre life of nothingness.

I refuse to link this dicks site but here is the article.

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Barbell Squat

These are presented in no particular order, unless otherwise noted.

Reason # 1

The favorite, most highly touted exercise of the world’s dumbest men, is the barbell squat (500+ sources).

Reason # 2

The barbell squat requires “good form” they say, indicating that it is a skill (unlike say walking, which requires no measurable degree of skill for a normal human being, or a horizontal leg press which requires categorically less skill than a free standing barbell back squat – something grandma can do).

Well, skill based movement in a fatiguing and progressive protocol = a recipe for disaster. (source)

Reason # 3

Russian roulette with a multi-hundred pound barbell x 500,000 trigger pulls = someone getting hurt.

“But I’ve squatted for many years with no injuries” : says the turkey. Well here’s a quote from The Black Swan for the turkeys of the world.

Consider that the turkey’s experience may have, rather than no value, a negative value. It learned from observation, as we are all advised to do (hey, after all, this is what is believed to be the scientific method). Its confidence increased as the number of friendly feedings grew, and it felt increasingly safe even though the slaughter was more and more imminent. Consider that the feeling of safety reached its maximum when the risk was at the highest!

That last part is especially important for the “experienced” trainee aiming for a personal record, or even just “squatting heavy” on a given day.

Reason # 4

A barbell squatter’s ability to walk is one pulled muscle, one fallen eyelash, one “freak accident” away from being at immediate risk.

(The Wizard of Oz called by the way, he said the straw man is unavailable due to a medical emergency; something to do with a barbell and straw).

Reason # 5

There is an absolutely, definitively, and entirely better alternative to the barbell squat (all forms) : the little known hip belt squat. (Disclaimer : this is just a generic link to a website many will recognize. There are better sources of information on the hip belt squat available elsewhere).

Author and speaker Bill DeSimone has called this exercise “the most congruent lower body exercise conceivable”.

Reason # 6

The structure of the spine does not suggest that it is suited for top heavy loads. (source).

Reason # 7

The creators of the dictionary called me.

They said “The new definition of “wishful thinking” now includes the idea that the muscles surrounding the human spine track in accordance with the growth of the largest and strongest muscles and bones of the body”.

Reason # 8

There is nothing on earth to suggest that making your spine the “middle man” between a multi-hundred pound barbell, and your legs, is a particularly good, or even safe idea. (source)

Reason # 9

Looks like heavy squats can (and if it can go wrong, it will go wrong) cause nerve damage to the shoulders. (source and discussion).

Reason # 10

This is a redundant point, but it is worth repeating : the barbell squat is the most popular exercise on the planet among dip shit meat heads.

What in the world makes you think these people have good, sound ideas? I have no doubt many of these people are big and strong.

What I doubt is that there is anything going on upstairs. (source).

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