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3/4/2013 10:28:36 PM -
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I just wanted to say congratulations to all my EFS friends who did so well at the Arnold Classic this past weekend. Of the people who competed, I’m especially close to Julie Ladewski and Brian Carroll, and it was awesome to see them both do so well. Congrats to everyone!

I’m going to start a new series here about some of the kids I’m coaching going into next year. I did this a few years back, and it went over pretty well, so I’m going to try it again. The way this works is, instead of writing about what we do as a team, I’m going to pick three representative players and talk about their training. All three are rising seniors—meaning they’re juniors right now who are preparing for their senior season.

This plays into a major part of my philosophy for high school coaching. It’s a sad fact of life that you’re not going to be able to pay attention to as many kids as you want to. As much as I’ve tried to organize things over the years and help out every kid in the program, I’ve found that it’s far more productive to coach the shit out of the kids who are going to contribute—and to just kind of give the rest of them something to do. That sucks, but it’s reality when you’re “stuck” with 40+ kids, and a bunch of assistants who can’t really do much but spot and yell.

That’s why I’ll typically just focus on the starters and a few role players – and by the end of the year and in the offseason, I’ll usually be focused on handful of main kids that I think will give us the bulk of our wins. It took me years to come around to that way of thinking, but that’s pretty much the default reality of an overwhelmed high school strength coach.

Here’s a little preview of the kids I’m going to be talking about:

NAME: MLK (Manual Labor Kid)
HEIGHT: 5’11”
BACKSTORY: Great kid from a great family with a rich football tradition. This kid’s father owns a very large roofing and contracting business, so he has money, but MLK has been working in his family business since he was a kid. When he’s not in school, playing a sport, he’s up on a roof or working in his father’s warehouse. MLK is a definite Division I prospect, likely at fullback, and he’s getting correspondence from several major programs. I’ve been working with MLK for two years now, and he’s easily among the top five players I’ve ever coached, both in terms of coachability and talent.

NAME: CFK (CrossFit Kid)
HEIGHT: 5’9”
BACKSTORY: CFK is “famous” in our program for reporting to the first day of summer workouts wearing knee-high socks. One of our assistants (not me) threw him out of practice and told him to come back the next day when he wanted to “be serious about playing a REAL sport.” CFK got caught up in CrossFit and trained at a big CrossFit facility for a while, which helped, at least to a point. He’s our #2 receiver, our best defensive back, and returns kicks and punts. I’m projecting him as a I-AA or D-III player depending on his performance next year. CFK also projects to be a bit of an asshole as an adult (you can tell, as all high school coaches know), so things could get interesting here, as I don’t relate very well to assholes.

NAME: ILK (Ivy League Kid)
HEIGHT: 6’3”
BACKSTORY: ILK is another “good kid.” He’s a definite D-1 prospect at center, but will likely opt for an Ivy League school or some other academically superior program. He’s ranked among the top of his class academically, and he’s one of those kids who gets along with everyone. His parents are also extremely supportive, and his father has seemingly sacrificed quite a bit for ILK and his siblings to go to a good athletic and academic high school. ILK’s problem? I don’t want to say he’s a p***y, because he works his ass off, but he doesn’t seem to care about playing the way MLK does. He knows he’s good, and often prefers to cruise.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll post daily updates of their training.

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