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3/6/2013 2:29:28 PM -
Arnold Write up part one, all the kewl kids are doing more than one!

2013 Arnold write up.

First off I would just like to thank EliteFTS for supplying me with more than I could have ever thought, not just in the form of equipment, but emotional support in the passing of my father. I got an email from Dave Tate that was very nice and really meant a lot to me. A few others on the staff out there sent their condolences, which helped a lot as well.

My flight to Columbus was fine, I have nothing to complain about in regards to the TSA, other than the fact that it’s still a waste of tax payer’s dollars LOL! I flew out at 645 so I could still work a full day and I would be getting in at the same time as the person I was staying with and we could just drive out in the rental car together. I landed about 1115 and I hadn’t drank any water since about 5pm because I was a few lbs over 198 and wanted to make sure I made weight. We went and ate at Wendy’s and I got some chicken nuggets, I was starving and needed something to tie me over until after weigh ins.
We get back to the hotel, I showered, started winding down and watching some tv. Bert Underwood falls asleep, I began to hear a horrific noise. I look over and see this

What am I a shit magnet? I hit him in the face probably 5-6 times when he started snoring, he only remembers once LOL, these power lifters and their sleep problems, it’s crazy. I put my head phones on with the noise cancelling option and finally fall asleep around 1 or so.
We woke up around 7, got our shit together and headed over to Lexen to weigh in. I honestly had no idea what I was going to weigh, I just hoped it was 198 or under. I came in at 194lbs, schew, that pressure was off. After we weighed in we met up with Chad Walker and his crew over at Bob Evans. We had a huge table, Chad needed two seats, one for his body and 1 for his head! I had some egg bowl with sausage, cheese and French toast.
After breakfast we headed over to Walmart to pick up some supplies for the next couple days. Gatorade, jerky, EARPLUGS, and twizzlers! If any of you have seen the website, but I felt like you could just take pictures of everyone there and it would be a top 10 pic. Talk about a depressing place!
I have a problem eating as it is, and to get in a shit ton of calories after weigh ins is a very difficult task for me. I was talking to Josh Mcmillan at the UGSS and he told me he gets a large amount of calories from carbs and protein shakes because he too, hates to eat. I brought dextrose and protein powder with me. I had what was at least a cup of dextrose and a cup of protein powder on our way to the Arnold.
After finally finding a parking spot we ran in the cold to the expo. Our first stop was the Muscletech booth to chat with Matt Kroczaleski. The line was all the way around the booth and down the hallway, of course he called us up ahead of everyone, VIP BITCH! We chatted with him for about 5 minutes, he sits there basically for 3 days straight! I dunno how he does it, but more power to him.
We left the muscle tech booth and headed over the MHP booth where our good friends Michael Cartinian and Rob Luyando were. Cartinian used to train with me at Big Iron before he moved back to Ohio for work. Rob has been a long time friend of Big Iron and a very helpful guy, hes pretty strong too. We chatted with them for probably 45 minutes before we went and got something to eat in the food court. We got some subway sandwiches, cold cut combo on Italian herbs and cheese, nom nom nom nom.

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After we got done eating we headed back up to the expo where we watched Brandon Lilly pull 755 with no belt and then almost had 800 but just couldn’t get it locked. Pretty impressive stuff considering he had a meet the next day. I think he would’ve gotten it if he had thrown his belt on the first time he tried 800, oh well, you live and you learn!
We had been there for quite awhile so we decided to head back to the hotel where I had another cup of dextrose and a cup of protein powder. I estimated the shakes to be about 1k cals each. We showered up and relaxed for a bit before heading over to Chipotles for some burritos with Brian Carroll, Ria Carrol and Clint Smith. I smashed that along with some Gatorade and we just bullshitted for a couple hours before heading back to the room.

I ate some beef jerky, twizzlers and had some Gatorade as my final solid meal. About 45 min later I had my final 1k shake. I was already an hour ahead so I wasn’t tired, I didn’t have my box fan and I have trouble sleeping before meets anyways, so after Snorey McSnorerson fell asleep, I put my ear plugs, noise cancelling headphones on and turned off the tv and lights. I didn’t fall asleep until prolly 1230 even though we had to wake up at 630.

Mick Manley

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