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3/18/2013 11:15:33 AM - Steve Pulcinella
2013-03-18 00:00:00

The worst part about being on crutches is not the raw armpits they give you, it's not the fact that my wife hates my face for having to wait on me (god forbid), it's not the fact that my triceps give out after I walk thirty feet, it's not the fact that I can only do lame ass workouts now, it's not even the fact that I can't drive. The worst thing about being on crutches, for a dominator like me anyway, is the fact that it's a sign of weakness. People just look at you like you are damaged goods, skinny guys assume they can kick your ass, women see you as impotant and dickless and if one more motherfucker uses the expression "Gimp" or "Hop-a-long" referring to me I'm going to put a crutch upside their head.

I trained yesterday, I got the young, hotty, blond girl that works for me to train with me since I needed someone to carry plates and load bars for me. Boy was THAT distracting. Fun, but distracting. We just did some chest and triceps. I haven't done any body part training for a little while so this is all we did.

Flat bench: worked up to a heavy 3x3 then two high rep down sets
Dumbbell flyes: 4x12
Cable flyes: 3x12
Triceps pushdowns: 4x12
Triceps push ups: 4x15

It was hard walking on crutches after that.

By the way, now on sale on my website our new Classic Strongman T-shirt! Medium - 4X.

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