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3/26/2013 8:53:41 AM -
A meet and a snowstorm

This weekend I went down to Springfield, MO to watch and help my good friend Al Caslow compete. He had some guys from his gym competing as well, so it was an all day help fest! There was almost 80 lifters and only a few bench only people, needless to say it was A LONG DAY. There were about 6 people from Al's gyms competing including himself. I ended up wrapping two of his guys knees. I think im really getting the hang of it, but dont tell anyone because I always say I cant because I suck at it :)

Let’s get to the actual lifting. So as Al was warming up for squats, his last attempt was 705 which didn’t move that well. I was a little scared that his opener was 788 based upon how his last warm up went. I didn’t say anything because Al is a big boy and can handle himself. He asked my to call his depth and WOW, 788 moved pretty easily. He ended up getting 860 despite the fact 705 wasn’t that easy. Al is by far one of the best and most impressive lifters I’ve ever met. Doing the same weight as me with little to no training is both amazing and disheartening at the same time. If he had a normal job that would allow him to train a normal training cycle I have no doubt in my mind he would have the 165 total and probably the 181 total as well.

The bench didn’t go so well for him. He keeps going back to this Metal Bash that he did well with one time like 100 years ago, even though hes been using a completely different shirt the entire training cycle. He missed 485 twice with the bash, threw on the shirt he used during training and got it no problem. I took the shirt so he couldn’t fall back on it anymore!

On to the dead lift, he opened with an easy 633. Jumped to 683 on second and finished with a pr pull for 705 to secure 1st place in the 181’, humbling a young arrogant lifter who had called him out.

I saw some greating lifting from all the guys at Al’s gym. Mike Greano had a great day including a 402lb raw bench. Mike Alexender came out of retirement and would’ve went 9/9 if he knew what a start command was. Jeff frank had a monster 804, walked out, rawwwwwwwwww squat and just missed a 2k raw total in his second meet on a 3rd attempt deadlift. It could’ve went either way in my opinion. Greg denny got his first 700lb squat and I believe had prs in other lifts as well! All in all a good day for everyone.
We finally got done with the meet at about 830 I believe and were on the road about 9. It should’ve been about a 3 hour drive but with the rain and then snow, it took about 4 hours and we got in at 1 am. I woke up to a foot of snow! Originally we had planned on training at Al’s gym, but the snow was so bad we were not able to get out until noonish and ended up getting pizza. After all that, I was honestly too tired to train and didn’t wanna get to Omaha at 9pm.

Mick Manley

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