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3/26/2013 11:43:14 PM -
For the money

Expanding on my post from yesterday, I think the reason a lot of us who work with young athletes take a lot of this stuff personally is because we don’t like seeing kids misled by hustlers who are just out to make money.

I got into coaching because I love sports, because I’m competitive and love winning, and because I owed something to the world for giving me all the opportunities I’ve been giving. You don’t get into this shit for the money, even if you’re a coach at the college level. This is why it pisses us coaches off when you hear private trainers talking about how they’re responsible for getting kids scholarships.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Really? You’re getting paid by the hour. Where are you when the kid’s grades start to slip, he gets his girlfriend pregnant, or he dislocates his ankle and quits getting looked at by anyone? That’s when they’re our responsibility, like they’ve always been. We’re the ones who find them colleges while you’re putting the one in a million who makes it on your testimonials page.

Very few young athletes have a clue about what they’re doing. I’ll go out on a limb and say none of them do. What’s a testimonial from an athlete worth? “Bro, he’s an awesome dude, bro. Working out with Johnny CrossFit got me in the best shape of my life!” This is a problem because over the past several years, it’s become the “in” thing to train athletes. You’ve got guys—I won’t name names here, but they know who they are—who can’t even throw or catch a damned ball calling themselves “specialists” at training athletes when they don’t have the faintest notion of what they’re doing.

These kids are impressionable. When they read something online, or see it in a magazine, they take it as the gospel truth. They’ll do it, and if they don’t learn anything different, they’ll waste their time doing it for years—and they waste their coaches time when we have to sit there and explain to them that Johnny the Internet Trainer has no idea what the hell he’s talking about.

The problem for a lot of is that it’s not sexy to tell a kid, or his parents, that we can make him the best football player he can be with a power rack, a medicine ball, a sled, and a track. It’s hard to sell people on that when you’re working against people who yell a lot louder than we do—even when some of us get results that are painfully obvious on the field.

I guess what bothers me about is that I see so many people out there who obviously don’t give a shit about the people whose money they’re trying to get. And like I said, it’s only in the fitness industry where guys who have no idea what they’re doing, who’ve never trained anyone, and can’t even find the water fountain in weight room can go on TV and get in magazines and be called “experts.”

You want to know how you can tell an internet guru is full of shit?

He’s full of shit if he’s posing on his “about me” page with that stupid arms-folded pose. I’m going to come up with an app that can detect that on a page—and if people see it when they’re looking for fitness information, a big yellow sign will come up on their screen that says:


Sorry if this is all over the place, but it’s late, and I had to finish up work for my real job after, yes, coaching high school football players through their spring workouts for most of this afternoon. I’d self-promote and fold my arms, but I really have to go to bed now.

Angry Coach

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