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3/28/2013 11:49:34 AM - Steve Pulcinella
Training 3-26-13 Another Steve's Selfie Strength Tip: Starting a gym

Traing for da pump today. Nothing was overly heavy.

Dumbbell side raises supersetted with band front raise: 5 sets of 20/20 each set was complete failure

Press behind neck: 6 sets till failure

Dumbbell rear delts ala John Meadows: First time doing these after watching Kroc's video the other day. It took a couple sets to get the feel for them but once I did they were freaking killer. 4 sets till failure.

Dumbbell curls: 8 sets, last 4 were drop sets

Preacher curl machine: 6 drop sets till failure.

I go in to see the doc that just did my foot surgery two weeks ago to get my stitches out. Wait till he sees this mess. I've been on my feet sans crutches was too much. I know, I'm a freaking moron, whatever!

Anyhoo, here is another stellar video. It's totally safe for work and make sure your children are in the room when you watch it. I think I only drop six F bombs in this one. I'm working on it, it's a process. If you ever wanted to start your own gym, you might want to watch this.

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