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4/2/2013 12:07:51 PM - Steve Pulcinella
A few days training

Sunday Training:
Chest and triceps- nothing special, benched up to 285x5, 325x1, 225x16 then did a bunch of pumpy bodybuilding stuff.

I have to say since I spent those two weeks on crutches my shoulders feel pretty good. So there ya go, if your shoulders are feeling haggard walk on crutches for a while, it’ll make you a supple gorilla. Cram that in your cramhole Kelly Starrett!

Monday Training:
I did some really light machine leg stuff, first day doing anything for my legs in four weeks. Felt nice to get some blood going again. My buns already feel perkier as well as yummier. It’ll still be a couple weeks till I’m actually squatting again.

Tuesday Training:
Hammer high row: 4PPS for 5 sets of 15
Inverted row: 3 sets of 15
V-bar handle lat pulldowns: 5 sets of 20
Hyper deads: 5 punishing sets of 12
Seated hammer shrugs: 4 PPS 4 sets of 20, 3PPS x 25

My foot is feeling surprisingly good, I bought some new sneakers yesterday to treat and adorn my foot with some fresh swagger and it seemed to respond nicely.

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