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4/3/2013 2:14:27 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Wednesday Training 3-3-13 and an unfortunate situation.

Yo yo yo, today was a shoulder and biceps kinda day. I'm trying to see how wide I can get so when Dave Tate sees me in May he's all like, "Holy shit dude! How did you get so big? I wish I could train with you instead of stupid John Meadows". Yeah, it's like that.

Military presses: Worked up in 10kg jumps doing sets of 5 till I couldn't do 5 anymore. This was the first time doing anything on my feet in a few weeks. It felt good to be back!

Press behind neck standing in Smith machine: 3 sets of 15

Meadows rear delt swings: 4 sets of probably around 30 reps- I think i'm in love with this exercise now.

Barbell upright rows supersetted with dumbbell side raise: 4 sets of 12/12

Dumbbell hammer curls: 5 drop sets till failure

Barbell reverse curls: 5 sets till failure

While I was just writing this an obvious deal of shadyness was going down in broad daylight in front of my building in my parking lot which resulted in me walking outside and threatening the lives of five punks. I protect this building against the decay of society on almost a daily basis these days. A few weeks ago I was forced into a really unfortunate situation after I tried to stop a shit bag from urinating on my building. Appearanty he was upset at me and claimed I was disrespecting HIM by cursing at him after I caught him pissing on my lifes work and the thing that I love most in this world. The exchange went on with me telling him to beat it and get himself back into his car off of my property. He then went to his car and I guess alerted another dude that was in there and then got brave enough to now come at me. So the two of them were slowly walking towards me, in the dark, threatening me as I was just saying, "Back the fuck off and get off of my property!" They just kept coming towards me, threatening to kick my ass so I did what any self respecting Philadelphian would do. I pulled out my gun and told them one more time to get back into their car and get the fuck out. It was weird because this time they listened really good.

I know it was a stupid and dangerous move but it was dark, I couldn't see the second guy really well or if he had a weapon. I wasn't about to roll around on the ground with these two crack heads and get stabbed. Fuck 'em!

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