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4/3/2013 9:30:03 PM -
Facebook Reaction to Mike Rice

The tough guys are out. In all the Facebook posts and tweets I’ve seen about Mike Rice, I’m seeing the following themes (mostly perpetuated by people who didn’t play a sport after 8th grade, and who have no connection to any athletic program:

1. That Rice’s behavior was acceptable, and that we’ve devolved as a society to the point where authority figures can’t yell at kids, leading to an “everybody participates” world.

2. That nobody feels sorry for a scholarship athlete who gets shoved and has a ball rifled at his head, and that Rice was probably right about his team when he yelled the shit he did.

Whether these two points are accurate or not is not the point here. Honestly, the reason Rice was fired was financial, and not moral or anything else. Let’s face it. After that video came out, he was dead in the water and could not possibly have stayed on as the head coach, because there is no way in hell he’d be able to recruit anyone to play at Rutgers.

If you can’t recruit good players, you can’t win. If you don’t win, the school doesn’t make the NCAA tournament, your TV deal sucks, and nobody makes any money.

Rice was kept on the job because he’d done very well as the coach at Robert Morris, and because the AD felt he had the potential to turn the Rutgers program around as they go into the Big 10. If you read Rice’s bio, he was an assistant under some very successful coaches, and his record at Robert Morris was extremely impressive. He hadn’t shown much improvement at Rutgers, but he was getting an opportunity because the AD still felt the guy could coach—and recruit.

Whether the administration is correct or not for being so “outraged,” the guy had to go based on recruiting alone. Going on Facebook, acting like a tough guy, and saying everyone at Rutgers is a “pussy” for firing a hard-ass coach is misplaced idiocy, because there was no way he could have continued as the coach after the tape was made public.

That is reality.

Angry Coach

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