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4/10/2013 10:58:20 PM - Dave Kirschen
Floor presses and (almost) meeting DMX!

Last Thursday was a bench night at Eastside

I'm actually staying pretty consistent with my training now following a few weeks of chaos. Since I had a shirt on Monday, this was a raw 5x5 day. I chose floor presses because Paper was working up in his shirt and didn't want to make everyone load and unload plates all night.

After warming up, I worked up to 5x5 with 235. This was very light, but since I'm just getting into consistent training again and I didn't want to push yet.

After the presses, I did 4 sets of 10 on the low hammer row with 100 on each side.

Finished with band pushdowns with an average band.

Today, while walking around NYC, I noticed a shady looking guy on the street, outside of a bodega yelling into his cell phone. I figured he was just some street dude and didn't pay him much attention until I got close and heard his voice. Then I noticed that there was a limo with a driver standing there waiting for him.

Turns out, it was none other than DMX. It was pretty obviously him because he argues with the exact same delivery he raps with, not to mention some distinct (and surprisingly shoddy) neck tattoos.

I was tempted to ask him if he knew who Chuck Vogelpohl is, or if he had any idea how many world records have been set to his music, but he didn't exactly look like he was in a good mood so I let it go.

Having worked in high-end gyms in the NYC area for a long time, I've gotten to meet a few rap stars, including Ice-T and Treach. Usually, they're low-key and friendly, having enjoyed a great life for the last 20 or so years.

Not DMX... He comes off EXACTLY like he does in his music. It would not have surprised me one bit if he hung up the phone and immediately stabbed somebody.

It was kind of refreshing actually.

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Keepin' it real,
Dave Kirschen

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