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4/12/2013 1:10:09 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Training 3-12-13 and my new secret weapon

I just did a light pump chest and triceps workout today:

Flat bench: my deltoids were still shattered from the other days destruction so I had no push at all.

Cable flyes: I did a bunch of lighter sets but held the squeeze on each rep that scorched my pecs.

Triceps push-ups: 5 sets till burnt

Reverse grip push-downs: 5 sets

Rolling dumbbell extensions: 5 sets until toasted

But let me tell you about my new secret weapon. I always see baseball players wearing these woven necklaces while they play so I googled them and found out that they are called Titanium Germanium Tornado necklaces from Japan. They are supposed to have many remarkable properties that enhance sports performance. So basically it's like having a protective layer of steroids wrapped around your neck protecting you from evil. I whipped out my credit card and purchased one . . . well I made my wife do it, with her card. I just wanted to see just what they were capable of. The packaging of these stylish necklaces boasts the following things:

-Reduces muscle tension and increase flexibility

-Protects against muscular injury

-Reduces fatigue thus enhancing the ability to perform at maximum level

-Improves blood flow & circulation

How could it get better than that you say? Well since I have been wearing the magic Tornado necklace I have also noticed the following:

-My shoelaces have not come untied once

-I have not gotten any shorter (or taller)

-My truck is getting better gas miliage

-Three woman (and one man) have commented on my immense bulge

-Three of my toenails have grown back

-My aunt died and left me a large amount of money

-Jen Petrosino has seriously stepped up her 'Selfie' game on Instagram.

Is there anything this awesome Germanium necklace CAN'T do??

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