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4/13/2013 9:15:37 AM -
Deadlift DAY 4-10-13 RAWRRRR!!!

This raw dead lifting is really giving my hips a beating despite the fact the weight is quite a bit lower than I'm normally used to using. It probably doesnt help im using the fattest and stiffest "regular" bar ever. This thing has absolutely no whip in it. Holding each rep at the top for an extra two seconds is probably making it fairly tough as well. Gotta get scrong right?



Snatch Grip deadlifts off 3 block with chain

315+200 chain x3
315+200 chain x3
315+200 chain x3 - this set was conventional with no straps
315+200 chain x3
315+200 chain x3

I decided to do one set conventional with no straps because of my grip issues in the past. I want to make sure I dont make the same mistake I did last training cycle and let my grip suffer. Everything felt really good I was pretty happy with the workout.

Front squats

185x5 - paused

I decided to do the last set paused to make um a little more difficult.

ab wheel

kneeling+40lbs weight vestx15

banded leg curls
EFS Pro Mini Resistance Band+EFS Pro Micro Mini Resistance Band


That was that. Was a pretty quick workout despite the number of sets. I got to leave and go move stuff woooooO!!!

Mick Manley

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