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4/15/2013 12:36:31 PM -
Stuff that's made life easier

Things have been going very well for me over the past year or so—with training, coaching, and with work. I’ve been getting better results out of all of this shit as a result of a few changes I’ve made, so I’m going to pass a few of these along from time to time. I was reminded about one of these things yesterday after watching Tiger Woods actually give himself a chance—albeit a bullshit one—to win the Masters yesterday after playing like shit AND incurring a two-stroke penalty on Friday.

What I was reminded of here was persistence and professionalism. To me, the entire core of professionalism is persistence and consistency—the idea of getting up, going to work every day, and keeping your level of effort at a baseline level all the time. What this means to me is that even when you feel like shit, or you’re sick, or you wake up feeling “off,” you still have to show up and do your job.

I think we know this as kids, but we’re thrown off by it as adults, as opposed to the opposite. When I was a kid, I couldn’t fold up like a lounge chair and not wake up and go to school, because my parents wouldn’t let me. The woke up early for work, and they got our asses up with them. You didn’t have a choice, and if you wanted to stay home in bed while they went to work, you had to have something seriously wrong with you. You couldn’t just wake up and say, “Dad, I don’t think my central nervous system is primed today. I’m highly parasympathetic, so in an auto-regulatory sense, I believe today should be a recovery day.”

It didn’t work like that. You had to get up and go. As adults, that shit works for training, but it doesn’t work as well with life. With sports, too. Say what you will about Tiger Woods—and it didn’t exactly work out for him yesterday—but he ended up on the 10th hole at Augusta within a mathematical possibility of moving up and contending, so he kept grinding. He failed, but after all the bullshit the guy brought on himself, and after all the not-quite-awesome playing he did, he still had a shot.

The thing about his shot, though, was that it had to be taken right there, and right then, whether he was ready for it or not—and the only way you can ever exploit opportunities like that is to be absolutely 100% ready for them, as opposed to wanting to stop what you’re doing to take a nap, or go on Facebook, or eat comfort food, or whatever else you want to do.

This is a major reason why I’ve been able to turn some things around this year. I’ve made a concerted effort to maintain this level of consistency, and when opportunities have arisen, I’ve figured out that I can grind myself out of problems with hard work and persistence, as opposed to putting them off and hoping they’ll go away by themselves.

As a friend of mine said, your calendar should look like this:

1. Make to-do list.
2. Do to-do list.
3. Go to sleep.

Angry Coach

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