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4/15/2013 4:19:13 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday 4-15-13

Hit a back workout like this:

Hang High-Pulls: worked up to 5 sets of 3 with 315lbs

Barbell shrugs: 595 x 5 sets of 10, 315x20

Inverted rows: 6 sets of 15

Dumbbell pull-overs with added band: 4x10

I had a guest come in the gym today that got dropped off by a taxi. He was a nice dude, wanted to train, see the gym and buy a shirt and all while he was in town. When he was leaving I asked how he's getting back to his hotel and said he was going to wait for a taxi but those taxi's aroud here are a rip off. The hotels aren't far away so I offered to drive him back, because I'm a great guy like that

We get into my truck and he tells me he actually staying at some house in Philly somewhere. Doh, now I have to drive into downtown Philly which is a huge pain in the ass at 3:30 on a work day. But I'm already committed. The trip quickly became a nightmare as the one bridge into the city was totally stopped which then re-routed us all over the place. The guy ended up getting a tour of the four corners of Philly because we were all over the place, I even got yelled at by some skinny college kid for barreling up the street in the bike lane right at him. We finally start closing in on the neighborhood he was staying in and was not a pretty sight. He has no idea who these people were that he was staying with and by the looks of this street they might have been squatters, and not the kind that you find in a gym. We found the street and it was this narrow little street that my truck barely fit down. The address we were looking for was this borded up row home in the middle of the block and I stopped and said "We're here!" He hopped out and I high tailed out of that freaking place as quickly as I could! A quick little trip turned into ninety minutes of driving. But like I said, I'm a good guy like that.

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