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4/18/2013 4:04:20 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Thursday 4-18-13 Me? A Key Note Speaker?

Nothing too exciting in the weightroom today. I did a light chest and triceps workout:

Flat bench with Swiss bar: worked up to 250lbs and did 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 then dropped to 205x20

Low incline dumbbell fly: 4 sets of 15

Fly machine: We did 4 sets but worked short ROM reps in the peak contraction range until it just burned like hell. My pecs have been cramping up all day since.

Rolling dumbbell extensions: 5 sets until utter destruction of all fibers

Superset Tri push-downs with rope with triceps push-ups: 4 sets till failure

Standing abs: 4x8

And just when you thought my Steve's Selfie Strength Tip videos were nothing but silliness I have been contacted recently by a big company in Iowa that manufactures large farming equipment. It turns out that the CEO is a huge fan of my "inspirational" style and they are flying me out there to be the key note speaker at a big meeting with all the big wigs this summer! What? Stevey P, a key note speaker? I don't even know what a key note speaker is, I had to google that shiznit. The last time Dave Tate asked me to speak in public I drew a giant hairy vagina on the white board and tried to pass it off as some kind of lesson in strength. I doubt that will go over in the farming industry. I guess all I can do is just be my normal charming self, what could possibly go wrong? Wait, forget I said that.


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