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4/19/2013 1:54:12 PM -
Stupidity (with video)

“Governor, you have the support of everything thinking American.”

“But madam, I need a majority.”

Adlai Stevenson supposedly said this, and that quote’s been making the rounds lately after it appeared in a Wall Street Journal editorial. That, of course, got me to thinking.

Like many of you, I “like” some of those funny gym video clip pages on Facebook. It’s nice, every once in a while, to watch some dipshit knock himself out with a dumbbell or get stapled to the bench by 125 pounds in mom’s basement. We all watch this shit.

If you want to know what’s really out there in terms of the intelligence of the general public, read the comments beneath these videos. That applies to YouTube, as well, but not with the video below, because everybody commenting on it knew who the guy was.

This video features Pat Barry, one of my favorite UFC fighters. Pat Barry will likely never win a UFC title, but I honestly hope he does. He seems like a good guy, and he’s funny as hell whenever he gets interviewed. He’s also had some great fights. Watch his fight against Chiek Kongo. He lost, but the action was un f-ing believable, and most of his fights are like that.

But remember, he’s a UFC fighter. He also probably has the deadliest kicks in the sport. If he doesn’t, he’s at least in the top five. If you got into a fight with this guy, he’d split your head like a watermelon with his shin.

Here’s the video (he was OBVIOUSLY f-ing around, because that’s what this guy does):

Now, I don’t have a link to the Facebook page that showed this, but I read the comments, and people were PISSED (showing the kind of internet outrage that I still don’t quite understand). A couple of guys even said they were going to find him and beat him up for putting dangerous exercise form online. That’s what prompted this post. Good luck with that, guys. Go find a professional MMA fighter and beat some sense into him. See how that works out.

I mention this because, even though we tend to assume people have a basic body of knowledge about things, and that they know what’s going on when it comes to shit, the vast, vast majority of them don’t—and when you go on the internet and look at what people saying, this is pretty obvious.

Angry Coach

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