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4/27/2013 8:13:20 PM - Dave Kirschen
Max effort squats With Video and the evolution of our Baboon

Last Sunday was squat day at Eastside.

The goal was to work up on a box with 5 sets of chain. Same accommodating resistance as we used for speed work the week before.

My back has been getting gradually stronger since tweaking it last week. In addition to backing off on deadlifting, I've also increased the amount of multi-plane work I do as well.

Warmed up for a bunch of reps with the bar, then went

Chain only x 5
140 x 5
190 x 1

added brief (Ace)

230 x 1
280 x 1
320 x 1

Added suit bottom (Ace also)

370 x 1
410 x 1
460 x 1
500 x 1
550 x 1

Check'em out

The 550 was actually pretty easy, and the heaviest weight I've had on my back since the last meet. Cut it here to keep on building momentum in the coming weeks.

I haven't deadlifted much of anything since screwing myself up, but I felt pretty good after the squats and decided to speed pull.

I did 4 singles at 315 and another 4 at 365. I was a little timid off the floor, and not being as explosive as I should have, but the sets were easy and painless.

To finish, I dusted off the Core Blaster in the corner for some rotational work. Did 4 sets of 16 twists on each side with a 25 on my end of the barbell.

Over the course of our training, Eric, who we refer to as "Baboon" mentioned he doubted Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but we found it amusing that he is in doubts a process that he is such a clear example of in action.

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Dave Kirschen

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