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5/10/2013 1:24:03 PM -
Funny story (I think)

Not sure how this one will go over, but I’ll tell it anyway.

When I was done training Wednesday morning, the owner of the gym I was in—I train in multiple places—stopped me to ask if I could help him carry a big file cabinet out to his dumpster. This guy is a retired detective who was on the police department for 25 years. He’s probably in his late 50’s or so.

I grabbed an end of the file cabinet, and we humped it outside and around the corner.

The gym is in a weird location next to a Chinese restaurant and a nail salon that look like they’re owned by the same family. Whenever I park in the back, there’s all kinds of shit going on that you don’t typically see in a strip mall. For example, there’s always laundry hung all over the place, but there’s no laundromat anywhere near there.

We put down the file cabinet, and the old guy (owner of the restaurant), his wife, and another lady (who was about 35) just staring at us (they do this all the time...every time I park my car in the back, they stare at me the entire time I’m getting my shit out of the back).

Steve, the owner of the gym, waved and said, “Hi,” but they said nothing back and just kept staring. He then leaned against the dumpster, folded his arms, and stared back at them. They found this odd, I guess, so they started talking to each other, then started staring again.

Then Steve did the Robert DeNiro “I’m watching you” gesture from Meet the Parents, which caused them, again, to talk to each other, then look back over and start staring again.

Then Steve says, “I don’t know what the f**k is so confusing here. You’re staring at me, so I’m just staring back at you.” This, of course, caused them to talk amongst themselves again, at which point they resumed staring.

So, the two of us leaned on the dumpster and stared back at them until they walked inside. The whole thing was very strange.

Angry Coach

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