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5/13/2013 2:11:25 PM - Steve Pulcinella
"Big, Yummy and Useless"

No training today, instead I have to take the day off to run out to my daughter Carmen's college and move her from one house to where she will be living next semester and then bring her home for a while. This involved me driving two and a half hours out to Amish country, taking a couple of truck loads of her shit out of her second floor apartment, driving it a half a mile down the road to her third floor apartment. The trip started with me having to eat on the road because I wanted to get an early jump on the traffic. McDonald's was a bad choice because I had to stop at the very first rest stop I came to because I needed to take a dump. I thought it would give me energy since my dog always seems really energized after he shits in the yard. He comes into the house and runs around like a maniac. It didn't really work for me quite like that though.

Of course both of my daughter’s places being in a small Pennsylvania college town are complete pieces of shit. The old place was just riddled with beer cans, trash and Vodka bottles and was just generally filthy. The new place she moved into was one of those busted up, 150 year old houses where the further up you go the narrower the stair cases get for some reason. So carrying stuff up to the third floor is a total pain in the ass. Not fitting through the doorways and stair cases coupled with the fact that I’ve been training to look huge and yummy but I really haven’t done any cardio so that rendered me just about useless after about three trips up and down those steps. My quads were burning and I felt like I was going to throw up. Jesus how did I become so fucking useless?


I became even more useless on the way home because I couldn’t stay awake to save my life . . . or my daughter’s! The only thing that separated us from a sure death was the fact that she was too scared to sleep and kept screaming out in terror like a little drama queen.


After a few hours of being on the road my hamstring and hip started to cramp up forcing us to stop again so I could stretch out a little. This trip is taking forever. God i'm really pathetic!


Carmen decided that we needed some coffee to stave off vehicular death so we stopped again for a Starbucks coffee with an extra shot of espresso. That really did the trick and I was once again back in the zone raising da roof. But as soon as I was done drinking my coffee it somehow instantly wore off and I was tired once again. Wow, I am a fucking slug. I’m supposed to drive all the way to Ohio this Thursday for the LTT6. If I don’t show up, you will all know what happened to me. Please send out a search party for me between Philly and Columbus.


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