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5/20/2013 3:57:32 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Learn to Train 6 write up with some photos.

Well, another EliteFTS Learn To Train Seminar is in the books! This seminar seemed to be the biggest and best one to date. The level of coaching for this one was off the charts, how can you beat names like Ed Coan, Dave Tate, Buddy Morris, Steve Goggins, Jeremy Frey, Marshall Johnson, Harry Selkopw, Matt Wenning, Chad Aichs, JL Holdsworth, Jo Jordon, David Kirschen, Julia Ladewski, Jennifer Petrosino, Brian Carroll, Zane Geeting, Josh MacMillan, Matt Kroc and many, many more!! All great champions who walk the walk and talk the talk on a daily basis. If you haven’t been to one of these EFS seminars and you have a passion for strength training and powerlifting you really need to attend. Plus the proceeds go to a great cause, the Make a Wish Foundation.



I try to get out to EFS as much as I can to attend these seminars and every time I do it never fails to be a great experience for me on many levels. For me these weekends really embodies the “Live, Learn and Pass on” philosophy of EliteFTS. It gives me a chance to leave my gym and get on the road and live a little. I learn just as much from the speakers and coaches as the people attending do. And it gives me a chance to pass on what I have learned throughout my years in the gym.


Because flying on commercial flights totally blows and stresses me out and Dave Tate already sent the EFS private jet to pick up Ed Coan I was forced to drive myself there. I made the seven hour drive from Philly to Columbus in just under nine hours. It was hard to stay awake so I had to nap a couple times but I was in no hurry so it was ok. This seminar was a little different than in the past because the first day was dedicated to just speakers and it was held at the Marriot in a nice air conditioned ballroom that they had rented. That really beat sweating it out at the compound like we usually do. All the speakers put on excellent presentations, this was my first time seeing strength coach Buddy Morris and I was really impressed by his overall attitude and how he presents his info. If you ever get a chance to see Buddy speak I highly recommend it.


In between speakers we had time to mingle freely and it was nice getting to meet and get to know some of the Team EFS guys and gals that I didn’t really know too well like Josh MacMillan, Jen Petrosino, JL Holdsworth and Chad Aichs to name a few. Just to verify, Jen is even cuter in person than she is in pictures, and is as hyper as they come. The one thing that jumps right out at you when you are around all these guys is that you really feel that these guys are like your brothers. We have all that same quality inside of us that all brought us here together, that “Alpha Male” gene I guess you could call it. So when we meet for the first time it’s like we have known each other our whole lives.


Friday night Dave always treats us to a dinner, it’s always a great time with way too much laughter if that’s even possible. I got a chance to catch up with Ed Coan that night and we had a great time busting each other’s balls. I would definitely say that the highlight of the night for me was when Ed pulled up a picture of the Character from Bob’s Big Boy restaurant and told Zane Geeting that he found a picture of him and showed him that photo. Same exact haircut! We were all rolling, laughing our asses off. Ed is quiet and reserved but he’s funny as hell. The night ended in a rather surreal situation with Steve Goggins and I discussing our prostate health. That was something I didn’t see coming.



Saturday was all about training. I headed down to the compound extra early because all the coaches were going to train. I tried to get in a workout but the place quickly was overrun with people and I made it about halfway through before it was just too damn crowded. We then got things rolling and the fifty or so attendees were split up into groups and we were all assigned a group to coach for the day. Halfway through the day there was an awesome barbeque lunch laid out for us outside and believe me, this crew can chow down! They ran out of food in a matter of a few minutes.





I was sitting there eating my bodyweight in pulled beef and cornbread with Ed Coan and at one point he asked me for my phone number so he can put it in his phone. Wow, the legend of all powerlifting legends wanted my phone number! Little did I know the silliness I would be getting texted to my phone the whole rest of the day. I don’t want to jinx it just yet but I think we just may be besties now, it’s too early to tell though but I’ll keep you all posted on this blossoming new romance.


At the end of Saturday’s lifting session all the coaches gathered together and we had an open forum Q and A session. When the question about opening a gym popped up Dave Tate handed the mic to me and I went off for about ten minutes on many topics most of which had nothing to do with the actual question but it really doesn’t matter to me. Whenever I come to EFS for any reason my whole goal is just to make Dave laugh so hard that his head turns purple. I have yet to fail on that mission. Plus Dave’s head is nearly purple all day long already so it isn’t really that hard.


I made my way back home Sunday already looking forward to the next event. I’d like to thank Dave Tate and his EFS staff and crew for a great event and a great time. When all the lifting is done and we are old(er) these are the good times that we are all going to remember fondly.

Just to give you all an idea of what I'm dealing with here. This is who was running my Iron Sport Gym empire when I was gone for four days. This was a text exchange with my girl Kyra who was in charge and came across a cockroach in the locker room. At least she is REALLY pretty! (The girl, not the cockroach)


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