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5/22/2013 10:47:43 PM - Steve
Wednesday, May 22
Squat/with Video

Tonight's workout was the end of a training cycle for me, even though it was a different type of training cycle. This cycle was supposed to be 8 weeks. During the 8 weeks, I chose to squat and deadlift heavy when I felt I could. Squat & deadlift days are on Wednesdays, so if I didn't go heavy, I chose to do a few light sets under 400 pounds and call it a night most weeks. Tonight's workout went pretty well. All of my training partners showed up, that always helps when going for a max.

Tonight I started out by rolling on the foam roller to loosen my back a little bit. When I started warming up with 165, my back felt like sh*t. Each warm up set got better and better. I pretty much made 100-lb. jumps, or more, per set. Fortunately, over the last few weeks, my left hip hasn't given me many problems, not hurting as much. This may be due to spreading my heavy days out more and limiting my heavy days to 1 or 2 a month. Okay, on to the nitty gritty.

802x1 This weight came out to be 799, so we added the chips to make it over 800.

From 496 up to the heaviest set, all sets were done with Elite FTS belt and the black Metal knee wraps. I felt that the 800 was good, though I probably could've gone deeper. *NOTE* I, myself a veteran lifter, was a dumb*ss and forgot to put my wrist wraps on for my heaviest set. I haven't forgotten to put my wrist wraps on in forever. On the 800 set, as I picked the bar up and got set, I noticed the bar was particularly heavy and trying to bend my wrists back. DUH! I think this caused me to get a little bit more forward because I also felt my calf muscles screaming like crazy. Even though I do squat bent over, in a good morning style position, as much as my back bothers me, my back felt great in the bottom of the hole and when I stood up. This was the first time since probably 2005 that I've had 800 pounds on my back, so I decided to go with what felt good. Like I said, this was an 8-week cycle. I will take the next 8 weeks to focus on some areas to try to improve on. Overall, I'm very excited & satisfied with tonight's workout.

Steve Goggins

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