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5/30/2013 3:26:42 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Thursday 5-30-13

I have been letting the kid Don come up with some of our bodybuilding workouts lately and he came up with a pretty tough one today that got us all pumped up.

Military press with Swiss bar: work up to heavy single and then do 5 singles with it. We then backed the bar down to 130lbs and then pressed for max reps. I did 21.

Dumbbell YTI raise: 3 sets till failure

Rear delt machine burns: 3 sets till failure

Press behind neck: 4 sets of 20 reps

And then he came up with this freaking dumbbell curling thing where all five of us curl at the same time side by side which looked totally gay but what the hell. It's bodybuilding, it's supposed to look gay right?

Barbell curls: 4 sets of 20 with each set getting heavier.

In the summers Philly is a big tourist destination. I think the top five things that people want to see when they come to town is.

The Liberty Bell

The Philly Museum of Art AKA "The Rocky Steps"

Geno's Steaks

Penn's Landing

Iron Sport Gym

So that means that every weekend we get a lot of visiters to the gym and many of them are big fans of EFS. This past weekend Evan and Kieth stopped by a few times while they spent the week sight seeing our historic city. Now a lot of Pulcimaniacs want to get their picture taken with me when they visit and who can blame them. But Evan (who is a girl) insisted we take a pic with me giving her a headlock. So I did my best Ivan Putski imitation and slapped one on her rendering her temporarily helpless. Seconds after this picture was taken she grabbed me by the scrotes and turned the tables on me by applying the rear naked choke thus forcing me to tap out.


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