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5/30/2013 10:36:47 PM -
Recent thoughts on Training

Just thought I would take a moment and briefly comment on where I am going with each of the lifts.

Squat - I have recently noticed a weakness in hamstrings during my raw training. My weakness actually led me to tweak my knee a couple weeks ago while squatting. I got too used to depending on the multi-ply gear in order to sit back sufficiently. Without the aid of the gear, I didnt sit back enough on a heavy raw squat and it caused me to be too forward in the hole which put my knee in a precarious position. So I have been trying to focus on hamstring assistance and good mornings. Also pause squats again as recommended by Al Caslow.

Bench - I am still coming back from my slight shoulder tear. I have recently been getting some ART work on the area. The chiro thinks that I experienced a slight tear of the pec minor but now the surrounding muscles are over-tight at the attachment. I have also been hammering rotator cuff rehab stuff for high reps multiple times per week. It is more to flush blood - so light weight. My explosiveness off the chest is improving but still only at 85-90%. At least my tricep/elbow issue is solved for the moment which plagued me most of the last year. Would love to turn the corner on this shoulder episode and start making bench gains again.

Deadlift -
I have always been a sumo puller but around a month ago I hit a huge raw conventional PR(750). During that attempt I shook really bad at mid-shin, but finised the rep smooth. My plans now are to give conventional an honest try and get a conventional suit. I have and will also continue to regularly hammer block pulls to knock out the mid-shin weak point. Interestingly enough, I heard that Chuck Voeglpohl once attributed shaking during the middle of the deadlift to weak hamstrings. I know my hammies definitely feel worked after some good block pulls. In addition to the blocks I have been frequently using a fat bar for various pulling movements. Hopefully this will help with my grip issue and prevent me from dropping 800lbs ever again.

Clint Smith

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