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5/31/2013 10:39:19 AM -
Week 1 Day 1 - Bench and Deads

I started training with an actual plan yesterday. I am using the rpe system right now and have 4 weeks drawn out to help keep focused. Because of my limited time, I have only scheduled two days a week for training. One of those days has options that help with equipment availability when out of town. For the most part though, I plan to make it to the gym here in town twice a week. If I have to train back to back days so be it. I'll force it in. I need to if I want to get done what I want in September.

Anyways, these next 4 weeks are transitional work. Meaning:
Shirted bench - learning groove again (remove boards, and just learn to groove down then be able to transition back up regardless of where I am)
Squats - nothing specific here, just need them to get stronger.
deadlifts - going back to sumo so starting with deficits with negative to help build it back. Meaning strengthen the hips and increase capacity.

anyways, here is yesterday, check it out:

Warmed up

bar x 45
95 x 10
135 x 8
185 x 6
225 x 4
245 x 4 *Shoulder ace so stopped
single ply bash on (size 50)
315 x 4 reps
355 x 2 x 4 reps
*wanted to do 3 sets but my shoulder began to ache. I've been rehabbing it daily for a week and it has made a huge impact, but I'm still going to play it safe until 100% pain free.

Deficit Deadlifts (1.5" deficit)
70kg x 5
120kg x 4
150kg x 4
180kg x 4
190kg x 3 x 4 reps
*not heavy, but with controlled negatives, it's tough to work up.

Al Caslow

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