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6/2/2013 3:44:58 PM -
Learn to train seminar write up, sorry so late!

I know its been awhile since the LTTS but training, working, allergies, my sister graduating and still moving crap takes up some time!

With every LTTS comes a great story, right? Well the only story here is that I don’t pay attention to shit. We flew out at 6 in the morning so we could get to the seminar mid afternoon. Upon arrival the hotel seemed way too nice to be staying at it, so after walking into the lobby we walked all the way back to the car and put our stuff back. I wanted to verify that this was the place we were actually staying. When you’re used to staying at the London Holiday Inn express, walking up to a Marriott Courtyard, one gets confused and second guesses himself. After speaking to everyone, it was confirmed, we were staying at this lavish establishment. We go back to the car, assemble all of our bags, (gear mostly) checked in and went down to the seminar. Kroc was telling everyone how he does just fine getting only 4 hours of sleep and that sometimes sleep isn’t a priority, F – that, call me a pussy then I love my sleep! Kroc is crazy and I think everyone knows he’s on a level of his own.
After listening to him speak Bret (the owner of OB), Mandy (my gf) and I decided to get something to eat. When flying I never eat so I was starving. We decided to hit up the local steak and shake, I had eaten there in Lake of the Ozarks when we were at my buddies Bachelor party and I remembered it being pretty good. I had a Bacon Cheese burger, seasoned fries and a cookies and cream milkshake. GET IN MY BELLY, and it did. Generally when I eat carbs in the middle of the day, I crash horribly. This was no exception, maxing out on deads, sleep deprivation coupled with carb overload caused a coma. Unfortunately this coma occurred the team dinner that I thought was Saturday night, wooooooops. Bret said he came over and knocked on the door 2 times, as well as getting a few calls wondering where I was. SORRY DAVE!!!
Mandy, Bret and I decided to go to Texas Roadhouse, that place never lets me down! Our servers name was Nouf, yes, Nouf. We had to do a double take because we thought her name was Milf, yes, Milf. After getting another filling meal in me we headed back to the hotel and did a group chat amongst the Omaha Barbell teammates on Facebook, all very very important stuff of course. Mandy instantly became tired and hit the hay, I follow about an hour later. Finally got to be about 1230 after group chatting a bit more.
We woke up 7 or something so we could be to the compound by 830. I paid 10 dollars for an omelet at the bar down stairs. I did also offend the cook, my comment about the scrambled eggs was less than flattering to him, he instantly replied, hey I made those. Ya? They look like crap, my scrambled eggs having to be visually appealing as well as tastey, I’ll have two omelets. I ate my omelets while looking like straight death, but the food and coffee finally woke me up, I knew I had to squat fairly heavy today. After arguing what was on the radio driving to the compound we finally arrived, since I was squatting raw I didn’t bother trying to get on my favorite MONO, the classic, I went with the long hooked monster. I had to work up to a heavy single paused with just a belt. I worked up to 440 with a 3 second pause in the hole, man did that blows ballsacks. I dropped the weight and added 120lbs of chain, I believe it was 400lbs+120lbs of chain with wraps for doubles. These were pretty easy. Since the seminar was starting in 10 minutes and I still had to pull, I did some almost circuit like training.

Semi stiff legged sumo deadlifts

10:04 – done.

Ill call that WOD Jenine.

Onto the actual LTTS itself, the reason we were all there. This time I got assigned to the nasty group, I’m assuming it has something to do with the fact that I’m one of the biggest gear whores there is. Dave even brought up how low my raw numbers are I’m comparison to my geared. He said it made him laugh all day because the same day they released my pro picture with all my geared number, I had just put up a post of my first squat workout which stated how hard sets with 330 were, man did I feel like a turd.
So we started off with squats, everyone was warming up and we were giving small technical changes to a few of the lifters. Things were getting better and better. Finally we were getting up into heavy weights, PR territory for a few of the lifters. Somehow I got roped into wrapping people, which is more tiring than lifting itself. If you guys are reading this, I’m sorry I am horrible with names. The raw guy hit 3 prs, worked up to 545 I believe, it made it all worth it. The single ply guy worked up to a PR as well, he had the basilla wraps, which from what everyone has told me were not even supposed to be made. Needless to say, he had to help me wrap these things, they were about 7 inches in diameter before I started wrapping. I believe he was up in the 6’s and said it was the best wrap hes ever gotten, that’s good, my tendonitis hates you though! I believe one other guy got a pr, so we were pretty happy about that.
Next was bench, Chad pretty much took this over so I just sat back and let him do his thing, giving small pieces of advice here and there. The biggest error I saw most of the lifters make was the handoff. Almost all of them try to help take the bar out which rolls ur shoulders forward. Your setup has just went to shit when you do that, I told them to let us do it all, just keep ur shoulders and back tight. I think it really helped a few of the lifters. I know BIG Trenton chance, who wasn’t even in the nasty group, he was a photographer, hit a big PR. The dude just stepped up and started lifting in front for 15-20 people like it was nothing and banged out a nice little PR. Another guy smashed a huge 600lb bench press like it was his last warm up in the back room. If I missed anyone, I’m sorry!
We had a nice lunch from City bbq I believe, that place never disappoints that’s for sure. I loaded up on brisket and corn bread since I don’t really like anything else. Being a picky eater really blows, that’s for sure, but I’ve learned to make due over the last 28 years. I got to try the new white cherry Gatorade which was breathtaking if I do say so myself. It reminded me of the white powerade that is never available, MMMMMMMMMMM. We had a nice chat with Tuesday and Zane while we stuffed our faces and enjoyed the nice weather.
After eating, it was time to dead lift, my favorite lift.  Everyone began warming up and just like in the squat, we were offering changes in form, stance and grip. Much to my surprise, a lot of the lifters were sumo, I feel like last LTTS most of the guys were conventional, which I offer very little for. I offered some advice that some lifters opted not to take, they missed. I took aside Will and changed his straps, got him some water for his legs and he got his lift, I guess I do know a little bit. We took him down and tightened his straps again, he doubled 500, first one he didn’t get his butt down enough but on the second he did and smoked it. It was overall a good day for most of the people in the group! After the learning they did the q n’ a some funny stories were told, some good info and a lot of cussing!
We went back to the hotel showered and went to PF Changs with a large group of people, since it was 2 weeks ago I have forgot who was all there, I suck LOL. It was very good and we had some good convo for sure. By the time we got back it was pretty late so we hit the hay.
Sunday morning we had to get up early to get to the MINI uGGS. It was bench day, booooo, my worst lift. I had a moderately heavy day and felt like total dump. Oh well, you never know when you may feel that way in a meet, so you just gotta roll with it.


add shirt
465x2 3b
535x2 3b
495x2 2b then 1b
475x1 chest

I don’t know if it was me or the bench or what, but man, I could not get tight on the bench at all, I just felt like the weight was going through me. I still did all the work I needed to so I was happy. I did some decline bench and some pulls up and called it good. We had some friend chicken, Goggins stole all the legs so I was stuck with a thigh! I will remember that Steve. We chatted for a awhile and went on our way, we got some more food and hung out a big before we had to turn our car in. It was Pretty uneventful flying other than the fact that it was 100 farking degrees in the airport as well as the plane. My undies looked like I had went swimming by the time I got home, which wasn’t until about 1245.
I would like to thank Dave Tate and everyone at Elitefts for putting on such events, it’s a very rewarding experience and Im glad to be a part of it!

Mick Manley

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