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6/10/2013 12:37:55 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday 6-10-13 and weekend recap of stuff with some pictures

Once again my weekend staff stuck it deeply and firmly UP MY ASS and I had to work all day Saturday. But the day wasn't a total loss, a cute college girl named Brittney was in town all the way from Pittsburgh and told me her dream of all dreams was to train at Iron Sport and meet her hero Stevey P . . . or something like that. She is an aspiring strength athlete so she was excited to get her hands on some tires, stones, logs etc. So I showed her the finer points of a few strongman events and beat her ass into the dirt a bit.

These two pictures will be an indication of how her day went from happy to fucked in just a couple hours. Look how confident, pretty and happy she was on her way in.


And look at the bruises, road rash, abrasions and complete look of fear she had after the workout. Don't mess with the bull girl, you will get the horns!


Sunday my girl Zelyx and I had an olympic lifting seminar booked down at Crossfit Rehoboth Beach DE. We drove down there that morning and Zelyx did a great job breaking down the lifts for the crew down there and making them all better lifters. So if your gym or crossfit box want an oustanding olympic caliber lifter who can really teach get at me and we'll come out and I promise everyone will come out of it as better lifters. You do not only get the talented and beautiful Rizelyx Rivera but Stevey P also comes with that as a package deal! How can you possibly beat that?



Today's training:

Bench Press: worked up to a max single with 390. Followed by 315- 3 sets of 5

Incline with Swiss Bar: 4 sets of 12, 15, 20 , 15

Fly machine burners: 4 sets x 40 reps

That's all I did today. Nothing huge.

I'll be out of town after this Wednesday for a week. I'm going out to Washington State with my wife to visit her family. So if anyone is in the Gig Harbor, WA area you may just see me show up at your gym to train. And won't you be lucky!

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