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6/18/2013 2:15:57 PM -
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Meadow's rows 95x8,120x8,145x8,8,8,8
Neutral grip lat pulls 90x8,180x8,270x8,8,8,8
Dumbbell pullovers 100x12,12,12,12
Dumbell shrugs (with 3 sec pause at top)120x10,10,10,10

For those of you that aren't familiar with doing pullovers for lats they can actually be quite effective. The way John has me doing them varies somewhat from the cross bench style of old. First you lie lengthwise just as you would for doing dumbbell bench. You keep you arms just short of being locked out at all times and your range of motion isn't real deep. You start with the dumbbell above your neck chin and lower it back until you feel like your arms want to bend all the while focusing on using your lats to move the weight. If you do it correctly you feel this throughout your outer lats but especially high on the outside just underneath your arm pits.

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Matt Kroczaleski

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