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6/20/2013 2:19:15 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Last couple days training 6-20-13

Just some boring old bodybuilding stuff

Wednesday- Legs:
Back squats
GH raise
Leg extensions
Reverse hypers
standing abs

Thursday- Shoulders and Biceps
Press behind neck
rear delt dumbbell raise
rear delt burners on machine
barbell upright row
heavy barbell curl
heavy hammer curl

This is kind of an exciting story, well it is for me. When I was out in Seattle this past weekend we went out to dinner with my wife's whole family. We were all leaving the resturaunt and were all standing around in the parking lot talking and saying good bye to each other. A car pulls up right near us and three girls get out, it looked to be a mother and two daughters. The exciting part was that the daughters were really cute, identical twins and here is the best part, they were DWARFS! That's right, twin dwarf hotties! They were both no taller than about 4'6" and I shit you not when they walked by one of them totally eye raped me. They looked like twin Petrosinos, except taller. All I kept thinking were the many kinky sexual possiblities. The one sick fantasy that I had that really stands out is having one of them on the other ones shoulders and be making out with the one on the top while the other one services my wang. I call this position "The filing cabinet". I know a lot of you think I'm some kind of sick perv, but you had to see these girls.

Also let me just explain something here, I did not always have a dwarf twin hottie fetish . . . . until now!

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