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6/21/2013 11:32:19 AM -
Chest and Shoulders 6-19 and shoulder injury update

Reverse band Inclines (light band) 135x20,225x20,315x10,335x10,355x10
Flat chain flyes (75lbs chain per side) 75x20,20,20,20
Incline chain flyes (75lbs chain per side) 75x15,15,15,15
Dumbbell bent laterals 60x20,20,20,20
Dumbbell laterals 40x20,20,20,20
Band pull aparts light band x 30,30,30

Pretty standard chest and shoulder day for me right now as I'm training around the issues with my left shoulder.

I finally had my shoulder looked at by one the strength/rehab guys at Georgia Tech when I was down there and he confirmed what I already suspected. That I don't really have a specific injury per se but rather my issues are all related to an imbalance between my front and rear delts. From all my years of heavy benching my front delts are overpowering my rear delts causing my humerus to be articulating too far forward in the shoulder joint which is in turn causing issues with impingement. The solution will take time but essentially just involves strengthening up my rear delts until everything is in proper balance again.

So you will notice that I am doing no or very little direct front delt work and doing twice the normal amount of rear delt work. Hopefully things will balance out sooner rather than later but until they do I'll keep things set up this way.

In some ways this is a blessing in disguise as from a bodybuilding perspective my rear delts needed more work anyway. While they look okay in a back double bi or rear lat spread the difference in development between front and rear delt is clearly evident from the side especially during the semi-relaxed pose.

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Matt Kroczaleski

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