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6/25/2013 7:50:57 PM - Chad Walker

I am a police officer in Florida. Most of you know this and if you didn’t,well now you do. I have wanted to be a police officer since I was a little kid. It is kind of cliché but it is the facts. I like helping people and I have a lot of life experience that allows me to function in some pretty shitty scenarios that might affect regular people. Police officers get a pretty bad rep because most people “hate” getting in trouble. Well we all know the laws and we all make decisions in life so, if your decisions are bad and you got caught; then deal with it. However it is not that simple. When most people get caught doing wrong they automatically lie or blame someone else or even the police. Why am I bringing this up? Well today I was on a call. I am a K-9 handler and my canine partner is Atlas. On the call today we were on the perimeter of a house. Inside this house was a suspect who was caught on video breaking into other vehicles in the neighborhood. When police made contact with him he refused to cooperate and locked himself inside the house. So it was our job to get him out. While I was sitting in thick woods on the back side of this jackasses house in Florida wearing all black plus 30lbs of equipment in 90+ degree heat, I had some thoughts about law enforcement and powerlifting.

Before I go on I am sure someone reading this will say, “why didn’t you just run in and arrest him”? Well that works like a charm on T.V. but in reality there is a 4th amendment and we have to play the game. Also we have no idea who else is in the house, kids, animals, weapons…etc.

On to what was going through my head. My thoughts all started after this ass clown stepped out onto his back lanai (screened porch) and started running his mouth. He was saying how he wasn’t coming out and we would have to bring are toughest guys to get him out. One of the detectives explained that if he didn’t come out on his own (we were in the process of getting a search warrant) that he wouldn’t like it when the dog came in. The jack ass says, “fuck the dog”, so I made Atlas bark and this tough guy ran back into his house and shut the door.

Now, what made me think about the similarities between being a police officer and a powerlifter? Powerlifting has a lot of these “tough guys” on the internet that will talk shit all day long about everyone and try bringing everyone down to their level. Well these “tough guys” most likely don’t compete and if they do they are the guys kissing all of the strongest guys asses at meets. Face to face no one is tough. When you are hiding behind a key board or screened porch you can be as tough as you wanna be!

Anyway it just made me laugh because no matter what you do there is always someone who will try to bring others down. The same people will battle back and forth trying to ruin someone else for their own personal gain. I love powerlifting and I love being a police officer. I associate myself with positive people who want nothing more than to spread positivity. The negative people are everywhere and they will continue to complain about why the greats are not great and why the police are asshole for doing their job.

It is our responsibility to uphold our integrity and keeping spreading the positivity.

Positivity breeds positivity.,
Chad Walker

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