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7/1/2013 9:27:26 AM - Dave Kirschen
Bumper plates are dumb

I had to sneak a squat workout in at work on Friday because we were going to York to handle our training partners in York P.A. that weekend.

I didn't really have the equipment I needed to work up heavy, so I decided to do some sets of 5 in my brief. Since the facility is mainly a Crossfit affiliate, This meant using bumper plates, rather then metal weights (as the iron gods intended).

It's official, I hate doing the power lifts with f-n bumper plates. First off, the damn things are so unnecessarily fat, i have to constantly explain that I'm lifting much less weight then it looks like.

Second, with the plates loaded out to the ends, the cheap gym bar was bending like it was made of bamboo, and made me shake like an epileptic during each rep.

Here's the whole mess on video... and yes, I realize now that the dude calling me used a loose interpenetration of the word "parallel".

Despite the ridiculous appearance, this is only 515 lbs.

You can see that I bailed a little early on my last rep because I couldn't wait to get the shaky, wobbly mess off my back.

As much as this sucked, I kind of liked it in a strange way. I think that there's something to be said for doing an exercises that challenges stability so much. Let's see If I'm willing to put myself through this crap again.

After the ugly ass squats, I worked up to 5 considerably prettier singles with 515 on the deadlift.

As a post-script to this, the gym's owner Eric bought me some real iron plates. My clients aren't thrilled about this because their lifts don't look as cool anymore, but I told them that if they want their barbell loaded out to the ends, they'll have to earn it just like the rest of us did.

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Dave Kirschen

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